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Drilling Rigs
Workover Rigs
Pumping Unit and Petroleum Special Vehicles
Hoisting Equipment and Derrick
Rotating Equipment and Wellhead Tools
Mud Pump Unit and Solid Control System
Petroleum Components and Assembly
Diesel Generator Set and Electrical Control System
Oilwell Logging and Testing Equipment
Petroleum Components And Assembly    
1. Hydraulic Disc Brake And Components

2. Clutch And Components

3. Mast Telescopic Cylinder And Components

4. Transmission Shaft

5. Auxilliary Equipment On The Well Site

6. Hpu And Components

7. Hydraulic Cathead And Components

8. Vehicle Suspension Device And Conponents

9. Power Takeoff Unit And Components

10. Rotary Table Bushing Series

11. Mud Agitator And Components

12. Mud Gun

13. Torque Convertor And Components

14. Deadline Anchor (Jz Series Weight Indicator) And Components

15. Bop Hoisting Device And Components

16. Ex-Proof Control Cabinet

17. Truck Air Conditioner

18. Wireline Spooler

19. 1.5T Hydraulic Lifter

20. Bit Breaker
  Petroleum Components And Assembly

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