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Gruppe Littlesilver is a sales, marketing, consulting and engineering company that is active in the Indian Oil & Gas Industry since 1989. We service the upstream (offshore and onshore), midstream, downstream and retail sectors of the industry.

We have a wide range of Equipment and Technical Services including Offshore and Onshore Drilling and Workover Rigs, Oilfield Equipment, Valves, Pumps, Compressors, Instrumentation, Cables, Process and Control Equipment, Pipeline Protection, Pipeline Monitoring and Safety & Survival Training.

We also offer complete Turnkey Project Solutions and Equipment & Project Financing. We have partnered with internationally renowned manufactures and service providers from USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, China, Russia, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Brazil, Oman and Saudi Arabia. All our partners enjoy the dominant market share in their lines of business globally.

Present in all major cities of India, our specially trained team of 200 engineers and instructors with backgrounds from oil & gas, petrochemical and defense provide comprehensive sales, customer support and maintenance services across India.

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